JL Linen Recovery

At JL Linen Recovery, we help the environment by reclaiming unusable linen into high quality usable linen.

Why The Las Vegas Hospitality Trusts JL Linen Recovery

In the heart of the bustling Las Vegas hospitality industry, JL Linen Recovery has earned unwavering trust. Our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and rigorous quality control sets us apart. We transform discarded linens into premium products, reducing waste and costs, all while maintaining our reputation for reliability and excellence.

Our Commitment

Our mission is to not only lower your costs but also help you maintain your budget while making eco-conscious choices. We understand the value of sustainability and cost-efficiency in today’s world, and we’ve made it our business to deliver both.

What We Offer

At JL Linen Recovery, we specialize in the art of transformation. Our skilled team repurposes used linens into high-quality items, from pillowcases and baby crib linen to cleaning rags and terry rags. We go beyond reclamation, offering uniform repairs, custom covers, and alterations to meet your unique needs. Our fast and reliable deliveries ensure you have what you need, when you need it, with 24-hour turnaround times and same-day delivery options for rags. Choose us to lower your costs, maintain your budget, and make eco-conscious choices.

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